From the troops, for the world!!!

America's Wars
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Desert Storm
Vietnam War
Korean War
World War II
World War I
Spanish American War
Civil War
Mexican-American War
War of 1812
The American Revolution

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Major American Conflicts

Kosovo War
Bosnian War
Somali Civil War
Invasion Of Panama
Invasion of Grenada
Russian Civil War
Pancho Villa Expedition
Banana Wars

Welcome to the American War's and Conflict's Homepage!!

This page will hopefully bring history and memory together through imagery, videos, and stories. Without passing on information like this, the stories of soldiers experiences will be lost. I urge and hope that everyone who comes across this site with pictures, videos, letters or stories from any Military War or Conflict to submit this information to me. I will post this up on the site for the world to see. Thanks to everyone in the Military and to everyone who submits personal history with the site!

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